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About Southern Premier League?

Cricket is arguably the second favourite sport in New Zealand. Like all sports, it transcends community and binds them together. The Southern Premier League T20, an initiative by Flatbush Cricket Chairman Mr. Swaran Katal, is a premier T20 cricket tournament in Auckland. The Tournament serves as an excellent way to bring out new talent and groom them to get to the next level and play for local clubs.

The Tournament runs for 7 Sundays, with each team playing four games followed by the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final. There will be Trophies for Winners, Runners UP, Man of the Series, Best Batsman, Best Bowler & the Man of the Match of each game.

The organizers also offer Cash Prizes for the winners and the Runners up. The league offers a great opportunity for players to play in front of the Official Auckland Cricket Umpires.

Purpose of the League

The main purpose of the league is to nurture talent at the root level and create a talent pool available for the selection of players at different levels.

Southern Premier League is not just a cricket league but a cultural event that brings different communities together and supports each other. Cricket is a great medium through which our locals get to spend quality time with each other on the ground.We aim to support our community grow Physically, Mentally,Culturally and Spiritually. Spending 3-4 good hours on the field not only helps in our physical fitness but also keeps us mentally fit. Cricket is a great sport that helps release stress and leads things to a positive environment.

The Southern Premier League does not have any age restrictions. We have players who just turned 16 and have displayed some great talent throughout the league. We show special support and recognition towards these young players as they are the future of our Cricket. We take care of players while they are playing in the league by providing them regular energy drinks and refreshments in every game. For us, players are the most important part of any sport and looking after them becomes our first most priority.

The Southern premier league has grown over the past 3 seasons and we have seen a great culture mix of players in the recent seasons.There is literally no restriction on playing in this league. If you love cricket, you are welcome to be a part of the league. In this world of electronics, it's important that we spend some quality time in the ground. We encourage all participants to bring their family and Kids to the ground so that it becomes a family event rather than just one family member getting a break. We want cricket to help our players make better relationships with their friends and families.

What support we provide

As organisers, we make sure there is no stress for anyone to take part in the tournament. We pre book all the grounds for the whole season and support Players with cricket gear and other items when required.We highlight and celebrate every little achievement our participants get. For us, players are everything! We make the Grand Finals a family day and invite locals who love cricket. In the recent seasons, we have seen players bringing their friends and families over to support their teams. This is a great way to encourage our local talent.On the final day, we keep special arrangements for kids like, FREE BOUNCY CASTLES, FREE GIFTS, FREE FRUITS ,FOOD and also keep some exciting games on the day to get Kids to participate and feel included. We recognise every kid by offering them certificates and trophies for their participation. For kids, winning should not be a priority, participating should be.

All senior citizens are provided with food, soft drinks and some snacks. We want to support everyone spiritually so we keep Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian food options for our viewers/supporters.

We provide live commentary in the finals to keep everyone entertained. We play some good music and crack some jokes throughout the games to keep our viewers/supporters engaged. We make this event a day full of engagement, excitement and happiness.

The Southern Premier League supports all young talent and helps them get recognition and support through Local clubs. We give them a platform to perform in front of a crowd and give them a feeling of getting noticed. This helps in boosting their Confidence.

Throughout the Tournament, we have some Premier Players who spend a lot of time with young talent helping them overcome any challenges they face in Cricket. They share some great tips with our youngsters.There is always a competition amongst teams however, everyone is always there to support each other when needed.

Recognising young players in front of an audience not just boosts their mental strength, it also helps them emotionally and expose their potential to a wider community. Our social media platform helps us promote our top performers every week.

The Southern Premier League gives players an opportunity to show their potential and develop a long lasting talent that helps them grow physically, mentally and culturally.We always make them feel supported.

Getting our community involved every weekend is our next most important priority. In this busy world, we encourage our Youth, and elderly people to come out and spend some good time supporting our local talent. For us the health and fitness of everyone in our community is at utmost priority. A healthy body can have a healthy brain and a healthy brain can help in leading a healthy life.

As rewards, we provide Certificates, Trophies, Medals ,Winning cash prizes for the winners and runners ups and many other sport prizes to recognise all great players throughout the leagues.

We get great moral support from Auckland Cricket in running this league. All games are played in front of official umpires provided by Auckland Cricket Association.All games are played as high level games following all T20 rules.

Media Recognition

The Southern Premier League has emerged as one of the most loved social Cricket leagues throughout Auckland. The league has made a huge impact in the community and has been recognised by some big Media houses in Auckland.

Some of the Media Houses that highlighted the success of Southern premier League:






Support we need

Southern premier League in an initiative by Mr Swaran katal and his team. The event is not funded by any organisation which sometimes makes it difficult to run the league.

The Southern premier league is not just a cricket game between teams but a community event that brings our Kids, youth and adults together to have a great time on the ground. This league has an overwhelming demand amongst the local cricket lovers. We initially did this as an annual event, however with the growing demand, we have decided to make it a bi-annual event.We organise this league twice every year with the first part of the league starting in february and the second part starting in November every year. We have some local partners/sponsors who help us make this event a great success however, with the growing demand and expectations, we are always looking for some extra support. We encourage our local community to come forward and support us in any form they can so that we can deliver a better experience every time.

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